It’s Time to Sign Up for Mini-Camps!

Mini sessions, Mini-Horses, Maximum Fun!

We are currently working on our Camp Offerings for the 2018 season.  Stay tuned!

Below are the camps that were offered in 2017 to give you ideas of what you may expect.


Parent / Child Mini-Camp

These 1 ½ hour camps are designed for fun interaction with your little ones. Recommended for ages 3 – 5, four fun themes are offered to delight youngsters.    We will also be happy to schedule a one hour camp with your choice of theme for your group at a time that is convenient for you! If you have a play group, neighborhood friends, visitors from out of town, or  cousin friends, call us to reserve your own special visit!  A minimum of three children is required.  Just $15.00 per child for 3 children, $12.00 per child if there are four or more.

Unicorn Camp

Help make the unicorn beautiful and ride it! Unicorn themed stories, crafts, and games complete your magical experience.

Tuesday, August 8 10:00 – 11:30 This session is now closed.

Knight Camp

Girls and boys will enjoy entertaining stories, dress a pony up like a knight, ride the pony, and even have a sword fight.

Farm Camp

Girls and boys will enjoy entertaining stories, crafts, songs and games with a fun farm theme. C’mon down for some farm fun!

Vet Camp

Children who love Doc McStuffins will be thrilled with the opportunity to hear vet related stories and give a real pony a check-up.
Songs, crafts, and games may start your little one on their medical career.


Youth Mini-Camp

Children ages 6 – 8 will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy ponies in a fun, themed camp setting. This two hour camp experience will delight youngsters who love ponies!

Unicorn Camp

Children will have the opportunity to turn the pony into a “unicorn” during a fun grooming session. They will enjoy a lead-line ride on the unicorn, and have time for a variety of fun stories, crafts and games all related to unicorns.

Cowboy / Cowgirl Camp

This Western themed camp will give little rodeo fans a chance to ride a pony, learn to lasso, and even enjoy a snack around a campfire.
Western themed stories, games and crafts round out this fun-filled mini-camp.


Horse Show Camp

This fun camp will give youngsters a peek at what all goes into preparing a horse for a horse show. Children can expect to get dirty as they bathe a pony, groom it, and practice simple exercises with ponies. Fun stories and games complete this mini-camp that introduces the world of showing to youngsters.