Girl Scouts at Pony Playce



Girl Scout Parties!

Pony Playce specializes in parties! We would love to host your “Kick Off the Year” or “End of the Year” party. We can also arrange a special “Bridging Ceremony” event, or even host a “Fun Badge” party – like a “Tea Party”.   Our “Girl Scout Way” badge is also a great way to have a party and earn a badge. Bring us your ideas, and let us entertain you!

  Earn Petals and Badges!

The staff at Pony Playce includes teachers who have experience creating plans to meet your learning goals. If your troop would like a unique opportunity to earn a petal or badge in addition to enjoying a pony ride, contact Pony Playce to have a program custom designed for you.

  Schedule a Visit!

Pony Playce is conveniently located just a few miles north of the Girl Scout Center, north of Appleton. Reservations are required and programs must be arranged in advance. We take reservations during all seasons and on all days and times, based on availability. Prices are based on the type of experience you would like and the size of your group. We would be happy to provide a quote for you and your troop.