Before visiting Pony Playce,  we recommend reviewing  a few forms that may answer questions about what to expect at your visit.  It may be necessary to sign a waiver, based on the type of experience you choose.  Recreational and entertainment related visits do not require a waiver, but visits where children are attending a camp or participating in riding beyond a lead-line experience may require a waiver.

Registration Form and Agreement:

A safe experience is a happy experience however there are inherent risks in participating in experiences that involve animals. Pony Playce guests are advised to read a release of liability agreement prior to participating in any Pony Playce experience.  It is important to note that all guests participate in Pony Playce activities at their own risk.  These rules are for the safety of our guests and ponies and we appreciate your understanding and acceptance.  Please let us know in advance of any special needs so that we may try to accommodate them.

Participant Information Form:

Guests may submit these  records if they would like  the opportunity to be added to our private e-mail list that announces special events, discounts, and pony related updates. We currently use other advertising avenues to reach our customers, but are building an e-mail bank for potential future use.

Photo Permission Form: 

We occasionally enjoy using guest photos to promote our business on social media. We will always seek permission before photographing your group, and  we will seek to obtain a photo release form  to use any photos we take.  Note: We will not use your or your child’s name in any public use of photographs (unless a prior agreement has been made) to protect the privacy of you and your child.