• Pony Play Date
    $452 Children
    • By reservation only
    • Additional fees for extra children
    • Fun family or small group outing
    • Theme Choice
    • Pony rides
    • Groom and pet the pony
    • Story
    • Prepare a stall for a pony
    • Snack / Tea party with the pony
    • Adults are welcome!
  • Story Time at the Stable
    $15 Minimum of 3 Children
    • By reservation only
    • $12.00 per child for groups of 5 or more
    • Bring  your play group
    • Seasonal or custom themes
    • Pony ride
    • Groom and pet the pony
    •  Story
    •  Craft / song options
    • Customized to fit your timing and needs
    • Adults are welcome!
  • Pony Birthday Party
    $2252 Hrs.
    • Private party by reservation only
    • 1 1/2 Hour Party just $175.00
    • Additional fees for more than 8 children
    • Theme Choice
    • Pony rides for all children
    • Learn about and groom the pony
    • Story
    • Prepare a stall for a pony
    • Plates, Napkins, Juice included
    • Pony related games
    • Stable time for presents & photos
    • Just bring the kids and the cupcakes - we do the rest!
    • Adults welcome! This is cute to watch and photograph.

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