Meet the Ponies



Sky is the newest addition to our stable.  He is a Welsh pony with striking blue eyes.  He looks stunning carrying princesses or serving as the white steed for knights.  With his beautiful fur and magical eyes, it is easy to imagine him as Pegasus or as a unicorn.   The beautiful western suede saddle he wears makes him an ideal mount for cowboys and cowgirls as well!  Sky is sweet and enjoys attention from our guests.  We are very happy to have  him join our Pony Playce herd.


Charm is our premier children’s pony, and has been delighting our little guests in so many ways. She is the perfect pony for a child’s first pony ride, because she is gentle, sweet, and at just 32.5” tall, the perfect size for youngsters.
Charm was foaled on April 14th, 2005, and is registered in Division A of the American Miniature Horse Registry.   She has had many experiences in the show ring and is even trained to pull a cart.
Charm eagerly awaits her guests in her own mini sized stall and is quickly becoming the most beloved little horse in the Fox Valley area with her appearances at tea parties and birthday parties at Pony Playce.


Chief is our black and white pinto pony. He is about 12 years old, and is an energetic and playful Shetland pony. He enjoys showing off for guests and is always interested in attention and food. Chief is best friends with Charm, and enjoys watching the games and activities in the stable from his own little window.


China was our beautiful bay Arabian, and the inspiration for Pony Playce, and sharing ponies with children.  Born in 1991, she joined our family when both she and our daughter were 7 years old.  We enjoyed 17 wonderful years with China;  in the show ring, on trail rides, and even horse camping. The wonderful addition she made to our lives encouraged us to create Pony Playce so all children would have an opportunity to enjoy ponies and learn more about them.  We are so happy that she was with us long enough to enjoy our first season and bring so many smiles to a new generation of children.   China’s  legacy lives on in our business as we share the joy and happiness these beautiful animals bring to our lives.