Meet the Owner


Linda McLernon has been enjoying participating in children’s education for over 20 years. She has been a lead teacher and program developer for preschoolers, Sunday school teacher, 4-H youth leader, substitute teacher for grades K-8, and choir mom, and delights in spending her time with youngsters. Linda is now combining her passion for children’s education with her passion for ponies, and has achieved her longtime dream of opening her stable to children. Her  business, Pony Playce, opened in 2015. It is in the Fox Cities area, just north of Appleton, and derives its unique spelling from the desire to convey the playfulness that is a part of every Pony experience.

Linda offers “Pony Play Dates”, Birthday parties, and Girl Scout opportunities where children enjoy the opportunity to hear an entertaining pony related story, learn about and participate in pony care, have a lead line pony ride, and groom the pony all in a modern stable setting. The themed Pony Play Date is an exceptional experience in family fun, where recreation and education combine to achieve an event for kids that is both magical and filled with learning opportunities.  Birthday parties are well organized and fun for all.  Linda’s background in education gives her skill in preparing Girl Scout visits for fun or specifically designed to complete badge requirements.

Years of teaching experience at all age levels has provided Linda with insight into children at all ages and stages of development. She excels at creating  memorable Pony Play Dates, Pony Birthday Parties, or other events for her guests that are uniquely suited to their abilities.

Linda McLernon

Linda first became a horse owner at age 35 when her then 6 year old daughter expressed an interest in horseback riding. After many years of enjoying 4-H horse shows, trail rides, horse camping, and other horse related events with her daughter, Linda is now delighted to be sharing her horses with the next generation of children who love ponies and horses. Her daughter, Amanda, has grown up and now owns her own social media business in Denver, Colorado. She was instrumental in building the Pony Playce website. The horse she got when she was little was China, who lived until 25 and was able to be loved by the many little visitors to Pony Playce in its first year of business. The tradition of empowering children and assisting them to gain leadership and confidence through interaction with ponies and horses continues!